Approximately 150 million years ago (4 years ago) I hosted a very successful and fun Print Swap over on my old blog. It was super fun, and it connected me with so many wonderful artists and photographers who I still interact with every day online. I almost can’t wrap my head around how long it has been since I posted that blog post all those faithful years ago and the fun began! I have been thinking about it a lot and decided its time to give it another bash.


So lets have another Print Swap folks!


Here’s how it will work:


Step 1 | FILL IN THIS FORM (its 2016, we have the technology!)


I’ve set up a helpful tool to gather all of your information, which will only take 2 tiny minutes to fill in.


A wee note on this – Please only fill this in if you are sure you can take place. I’ve done a few of these online myself lately and I seem to have the worst luck, being paired with people who never send anything. Don’t be that guy!


Step 2 | You’ll have until 30th March to do this. At this time I’ll close the entries, and allocate print pals.


I am going to do this a little differently to traditional online swaps – you’ll get someone to send to, but someone else will send to you. You won’t know who has you as their print pal, so your treat in the post will be a total surprise!


Step 3 | Off you trot to the post office, to post your print. 


Choose your print, package it safely (a sturdy card envelope works best) add a little note introducing yourself and set your print free! (Please post your print within a week of receiving your print swap partners name and address.)


Step 4 | Follow us online!


We’re using #DTPrintSwap on Instagram and Twitter to see what prints are travelling around the world to their new owners. Make sure you connect with your print pal as well!


Sound good? Lets do it!



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