Glenwood Springs and Beyond

I’m off on my annual holiday in sunny Fort Collins, Colorado tomorrow. Seems fitting that to share some photographs from my time in the mountains back in 2016. I think these are in reverse order – but that year we drove up to Glenwood Springs, spent a few days chilling in hot pools and such,…

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FoCo or Bust

In summary:: I wore the wrong shoes to bullriding, did way too much thrifting (and shopping in general), drank pumpkin beer in all the bars, went to Wyoming, went up the mountains, almost saw bears, did not see Moose (Moose elivated to same mythical level as Unicorns), pumpkins, hidden bars,  got lost in books, picked…

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Killing Time

          ….. In Sydney Airport.   We had 7 hours inbetween flights. I read Frankie magazine like 15 times, had a sleep, tried every single perfume in Duty Free, tried to read White Fang, then got bored so started taking photos of all the other people reading about the royal wedding…

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