Its a New Year. I’m not sure if I’m one of those people who make “resolutions” – although I certainly do a reset as the year turns and try harder at things in general, as one does when you do something like get a fresh new diary or sketchbook – but this year I have made a bit of a pact with myself. I actually made it a few months ago, when the year 2016 got bleak on a global scale but now is as good a time as any to share it with a bit more intention.


The Year Ahead 2017 intention Dianne Tanner

In 2017 I choose to put more beauty out into the world.


Be this through continuing to capture moments and things that give me pause with my camera, or in sharing the wonderful works of others. I already do this in small ways at times, but I want to set it out as my intention for the year – a year where anything could happen that we have no control over. I am not “with it” enough to understand these things or be able to offer a voice against the things we can’t control, but I can control this. I want to share things to brighten days or inspire people to move forward and create their own patch of beauty in the world.


You can join me in this on the normal channels:
Twitter – (I’m using the hashtag #sharingbeautyin17)
Instagram –
Patreon –


And of course here on this blog.


Happy New Year! I look forward to making it nice to look at with and for you.

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  1. Already looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photographs this year. You’ve really inspired me to want to dust off my film cameras and take some more of my own again, and I can’t thank you enough for that! x

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