Follow Friday | The Future Kept

  The Future Kept is a really lovely online store specialising in well made, handcrafted goods from small producers. Its kind of my dream store. Connecting buyers with makers who are creating long lasting, carefully crafted goods. Their ethos of Buy Less, Buy Better is something that sticks with me a lot after I browse…

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Follow Friday | Ovate

  The new Spring / Summer line from long time favourite OVATE is too perfect not to share.   Personal faves: Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve, Linen Suspender Skirt, Mathilde Short Sleeve Linen Dress, Naturally Dyed Silk Scarf.   Ovate have been on my list of favourites for a while. Perfect, timeless pieces made with natural fabrics.…

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Follow Friday | Pampa

  Astoundingly beautiful rugs, throws, and cushions – handpicked from the indigenous community where they were made and woven using traditional methods – supporting the artists and makers of Argentina. Throw in a side of very nice photography (those horses!), and you have Pampa. I am L O V I N G Pampa.   Shop their…

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