Hiking in Colorado

Every year on our annual holiday in Colorado, we go on a hike. At least one, up into the mountains for a full day of walking, trees, birdwatching and sitting on rocks wishing for death. I love to hike, famously. In Colorado we are like a mile above sea level, it’s dry, hot and uphill.…

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Jessika, New York.

    One of my favourite days; Jess and I were in New York, on our way to the Met. We got off the subway and had to walk through Central Park in the absolute pouring rain. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much in my life.   Happy Birthday Jess!

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Brookyn, NY

                Staying in Sheepshead Bay meant I spent a lot of time on trains going back and forth. I wandered around a lot, looking at crumbling buildings, eating pie and drinking coffee.   Brooklyn, you beautiful thing you.   Read more Travel Posts / Order Prints / Shop…

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