More from the Peak District

Driving through tree tunnels in the golden light, Finding a plague village lost in the hills, Being as high up as felt possible and seeing the best sunset of my life. My first visit to the Peak District was a good one. These photographs were processed thanks to the help of my supporters on Patreon.…

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Brighton, June 2011.

Way back in 2011, Matthew and I went to Brighton for our birthday weekend. We stayed in a kind of awful hotel beside the ocean that smelt like toilet cakes, the beach was overladen with people drinking blossom hill out of the bottle, sat on the beach and drank cider as the sun set. It…

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New Zealand, 2013

  A little over a month to go before my first trip home to New Zealand in 3 years! I am SO EXCITED and thought it time to share these photographs from my last batch of processing of my trip home in 2013. Man I crammed loads into that trip.     Good local signs.…

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