Alrighty team, that’s it! Christmas is officially DONE from this side of the screen. All of your orders are shipped, and I’m diving headfirst into Turkey Week at my day job.


Thank you – all of you – for your support in 2016. It has been a tough year for everyone, but I hope you can all look back and remember all the wonderful parts you enjoyed as it draws to a close. I finally went to the Outer Hebrides! I had a wonderful birthday in Oxford! I started painting again! Lots of good things happened.


For now tho, feel free to continue to shop (or spend time with your families which is really what the season is about!) and I’ll ship any orders that come through next week on the 28th. I’ve got a couple of blog posts left for 2016 ready to roll, and a fridge full of new film to process in the New Year that I can’t wait to share! If you feel like doing something good this holiday season, don’t forget you can sponsor me on Patreon to help with film processing. I’ve found a new lab I can’t wait to try!




Happy Holidays!

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