Because notebooks are pretty much the most useful thing you can have on your person at any time, I have made some for you to buy with good photographs on them. THEY ARE GOOD.




I spent rather a long time picking the perfect images to use – difficult when all of my photographs tend to have the main focal point bang in the middle. I’m pretty happy with finding a purpose for this picture I took in Paris approx 100 years ago from the top of the Eiffel Tower.


F N 5


At the perfect size of A6 they fit in purses, inside books and your back pocket. Handy for when you are always zipping around town like the busy bee that you obviously are.




There are 5 different designs, the covers are printed on high quality recycled cardboard and they have 20 blank pages (thats 40 FRONT AND BACK) waiting to be filled with adventures, lists, sketches and plans. GET THEM HERE.


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