Just a small bit of shipping info for the week ahead – I am off to walk the West Highland Way this weekend, because apparently I am a crazy person!

This means the shop will be open, but all orders will ship Monday 29th May. 

Please get any orders you were hoping for before then in no later than 9pm this evening, the 17th. I’ll have one chance to pop to the post office tomorrow morning!

Handmade Linen Pouch by Dianne Tanner

ALSO – I had some space to make some nice new things recently which I really hope to be up in the shop when I get back from my trip into the wilderness. Look out for them around the beginning of June. They are lovely, just between you and me. Totally one off pieces that I really enjoyed making, and hope you enjoy looking at enough to buy.

Handmade Linen Pouch by Dianne Tanner

I’ve also been working on a collaboration with my partner Matthew, I’ve made some pouches using one of his photographs which he will be selling through his website TOTAL ALES in the coming months as well. They’re beer related, but still pretty cute.

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