Sophie posted this great list of podcasts that she enjoys – which started me down a twisty path of fascinating, funny, brilliant stories I have been enjoying both in the studio and when I’m working at my day job. Here are some of my favourites.


| “You’re on the right side of the grass – who knows how long that will last” –  Insane vs Unsane via Love and Radio.


| “Don’t you ever get tired of your world and you’d like to go somewhere else?” – Eyes Back on the Highway via Everything is Stories.


| In the Dust of This Planet – via Radiolab.


| Imagine if you LIVED with a DOLPHIN – Hello via Radiolab.


| ALL of This Is Really Happening had me transfixed for a solid week.


| When I was a kid, we lived in this big, old house in a small rural community. I had a bedroom which was always freezing cold – even if it was 28 degrees outside and humid, my room was freezing, damp and horrible. The second portion of this podcast basically explains most nights in that room. I do NOT recommend you listen to this while you are home alone with noisy downstairs neighbours. I’m still freaked out by this one – Ghost Stories via Love + Radio.


| “If this was the end of my life, and I dissolved into this peaceful emptiness – what was there to fear?” – Dr Jill Bolte Taylor discusses her experience as a stroke victim in Split Brain via Love + Radio.


This post really could just go on and on – so I’ll stop there and let you get trapped in your own vortex. I’m currently working my way through all of the RadioLab back catalogue, its such good stuff. PLEASE leave your recommendations in the comments – I’m slightly obsessed.


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