| “People who make you feel bad about being interested in death are doing it because they are TERRIFIED of death and they are only living half their lives, closed off to the fact that death actually enhances our lives – and makes it more beautiful” Ask A Mortician is brilliant.


| Beautiful pictures which make me want to run away to the Arctic and join a tribe of Reindeer friends.


| These photographs fall into the same bracket as above… its a common theme in my bookmarks.


| Beautiful pictures which … make me want to run away to South Africa and join a tribe of cow friends?


| Sisters of Scerder ; a project comprising of the most calming set of photographs I have looked at in a while.


| Oh great, another reason to go to Noma – because we needed one of those.


| What if you became a Blood Sorcerer? “Last August I had a Vortex Incident”


| Incredible skull watercolours by David Silva.


| There are not words to describe the look on my face whilst looking through this set of scientific images from Wellcome Images.


Photograph from this set on this set on Develop & Fix by Salim Hasbini.


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