| I’m going through a Pinterest phase again. Join me.


| You’ve seen a ghost once or twice, but neither time were you particularly impressed. Confirmed: I am in an Edward Gorey book.


| 50 Good Blogs. Thanks for including me Jennie!


| Meighan is my favourite online guru and has been for a long while, she knows her shit. She made this great PDF for when you are feeling INTERNET FATIGUE~ (it’s real guys) and you should print it out and glue it to the underside of your eyeballs. I have.


| Sophie has been sharing some beautiful photography from her trip to Germany last month, including some pretty A++ Museum snaps.


| These paintings by Erin Cone remind me of 1950’s adverts. Or something? I’m all about that grey dress.


| A collection of FAUNA images on VSCO, perfect as ever.


| You had me at moody.


| I had to stare at these photographs by Yung Cheng Lin for a long old while before my brain could work them out. Which is my favourite thing about art.


| Your weekly cutez.


| My Mum saw this video and gave me permission to marry Harry Styles because he is lovely and hilarious. S H R U G.


I’m pretty behind on the internet due to it being ~internet fatigue~ time of the year so I haven’t had a catch up post for a while, but these are some highlights I’ve skimmed through whilst browsing over the passed few weeks. Sorry! I love doing these posts and hope my forthcoming holiday to the U S of A – during which I am going on total Internet lock down (HAHAH LIE clearly I will instagram the entire fortnight!) – will reset my batteries and I’ll get back in the loop.


I’d love to see some things you have enjoyed on the internet recently though. Bung it in the comments!


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