| Frightfully interesting post about France’s red zone, an area poisoned by two world wars and out of bounds of visitors. (image above is by Olivier Saint Hilaire, taken from this post)


| Token Dramatic Landscape Share of the Week.


| If you enjoy my Follow Friday posts, Londonist have beaten me to posting a “Which London Museums to Follow On Instagram” feature. It’s good but I also discovered a bunch I wasn’t following in the comments section.


| They also reposted this super helpful pro-tips post about the best times to visit various popular museums, which I recommend adhering to.


| I’ve been following the Bedlam grave-site dig at Liverpool St station with great interest lately, interesting posts HERE and HERE.


| I love this quick interview with Liz Mosely, who is one of my faves.


| Similarly, this interview with Floss & Mischief is a good/interesting read for a small business owner such as myself.


| Are you a fan of moths and butterflies? If you you should make sure you follow Oxford Lepidoptera on twitter – they regularly share beautiful specimens from their stores and have the best twitter handle I’ve ever seen.


| I don’t know if this is controversial, and I don’t really bring up this kind of thing in this space at all, but I read this post and was glad I’m not the only “skinny girl” who would like to call time on thin shaming.


| Something about this series of pool illustrations by Kristen Martincic is so calming and pleasing to me. Maybe because lying in a large body of water seems like the perfect escape right now? Somewhere warm though.


I’d love to see some things you have enjoyed on the internet recently. Bung it in the comments!


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