This dog is everything E V E R Y T H I N G.


| This zine about boybands and their fandoms falls heavily under “things I need in my life”


| I spent a lot of time saving pictures of good hair on both Pinterest and Tumblr for a while with the intention of starting a series of drawings, but illustrator Nettie Wakefield beat me to it and its 1000 times better than I could have so I will just stare at these for a while instead.


| Photographs that feel like the end of the world by Angela Bacon-Kidwell.


| Paintings that sum up how life too often feels perfectly by Peter Martensen.


| The streets of Birmingham by Sophie Davies.


| I’m so obsessed with these underwater photographs. So still, so magical, so good.


| I have always had an inkling there are tiny people in the world that we never see (I read too many borrowers books as a child I think) and these illustrations made me think about it for a whole day (they moved my pen I know they did.)


| This set of photographs by Mattias Balsamini kept my desire to run away and join the cowboys topped up this month.


| Some beautiful bird photography (which for some off reason reminded me of icecream?)


| These sketchbook pages are perfect. I took my sketchbook out and stared at it for a good ten minutes after looking at these drawings then threw it across the room in a strop. Note to self – stop thinking, start doing.


| A bit of a plug – my dear friend Ivy is touring the UK and Europe under her musical moniker LUCKLESS and you should go and see her play. Check her site out for dates and cities.


I’d love to see some things you have enjoyed on the internet recently. Bung it in the comments!


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