You know how sometimes you have to catch up with real life? I feel like I’ve been doing this in stages for the last 10 months. I keep thinking about life a bit like jump rope – did you ever have Jump Rope For Heart day at school? It might have been a weird New Zealand thing in the 1990s. You would start at one skipping based “activity” and just when you worked it out and got into the flow of it, you’d have to move onto the next thing which was kind of the same but a bit different, and just as you got used to that version of skipping… you’d move onto the next thing. And so on, and so forth, and are you getting this metaphor for real life? Because that is what I’ve been doing since last June – job hunting, launching my new site and business, interning at the NHM and all the gubbins inbetween there hasn’t been anything very stable for a while. But I’ve got a job now (hurrah!) and its pretty good. I’ve been taking some time off of blogging and stuff to catch up on real life – to settle into my new role and establish a new routine in my personal life.


So this is a bit out of date (its been sitting in my drafts folder for a while) and is about 3 weeks late, but who cares!


| The Joy of Unfollowing – “We are living in a post-TMI age, and everyone needs to deal with it. Preferably by using the “unfollow” button.”


| A bit of down time? I loved this list of 40 Things to Do When Things Are Quiet.


| I love this piece by the wonderful Bloodmilk – discussing two of my favourite artists beautifully.


| One of which was featured over on Bleaq this week.


| Take me here! The most amazing map library you have never heard of.


| “I feel that the most important thing about running your own business is that you have to enjoy it. Otherwise, you may as well be working for someone else.” – Kaye Blegvad said that over here. (via Sophie)


| I am a BIG fan of Andrew WK on Twitter, and his self help columns are always on point.


| I’m kind of obsessed with these perfect paintings by Daniela Keep (pictured above.)


| And I want to get lost in these paintings by Owen Gent.


| And don’t even get me started on these perfect paintings of people in the MoMA by John Tierney.


| I’m so excited by this Netflix news. Tanners! I hope Stephanie is married to someone called Mr Bear.


| Speaking of Netflix – Teen Film Documentary Beyond Clueless is now on Netflix and you should watch it if you are a fan of High School movies. It doesn’t break any barriers in terms of film making, but its a nice overview of good teen flicks of my generation and I really enjoyed revisiting some favourites after watching it. Bubble Boy!!! What a classic. Enjoy spending 40 minutes googling Devon Sawa to find out where he vanished to btw.


| Or you could just pretend to be a teenager again by looking at this photo series by Alec Castillo.


| The cycle of life and death by Noia – woah.


| The story behind THAT cougar photograph from Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014 – and some gorgeous out-takes.


| Here are some books that inspire the heads of design at COS. I like things like this.


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  1. On the last link: I like things like that too! ;) I’m always on the hunt for new, inspirational books.

    Thanks for sharing the Bleaq posts by the way <3

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