| There is something about these photographs taken my Sophie at the National Museum of Science and Nature in Tokyo that has a painterly quality, don’t you think? The stark white background and stunningly bright colours make them look like something more than just taxidermy specimens in a museum. I’m hooked.


| The very sweet Sarah Chong wrote a blog post about little me! It nicely rounding up her favourite posts over here in my corner of the internet. Check it out.


| Refinery29 wrote a superb article about why we should all have a living will. This is something I am pretty pro, given that I live miles away from any family members, which would make things difficult should anything untoward happen.


| Kind of gutted I wasn’t invited to follow my favourite band around on their latest tour and take polaroids of the fun, just so you know.


| Everyone I know flipped out and sent me a link to this 11 year old taxidermy hero last week.


| Dreamy photographs by Melanie Rodriguez.


| I can’t decide why this picture on the Scout & Catalogue blog is so perfect, but it is.


| You might have seen me freak out about these illustrations by Katie Scott on twitter early last week. Then I found her whole tumblr and my face exploded.


| Here is your bi-weekly photograph from space.


| And here is your bi-weekly “oh aren’t the cold places lovely” update.


| Gather, Observe, Ponder – the perfect slogan banners are now in the AMNH store.


| I’m feeling a pretty emotional connection to these Hermits by forever favourite Julianna Swaney.


| “AGE DOESNT MATTER. You can die at any time” – I 100% fell in love with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt based on this quote alone.


| Photographs from Seoul’s Artificial Limb District on Vice.


WOAH the internet has been good this week! Have you seen anything good on the internet this week? Share it in the comments for me!


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