Dark Times Apothecary | Self-Medication and Coping Mechanisms for Dark Times.

Everyone needs a coping mechanism, and I’ve spent a decent amount of time establishing and sharing rituals, habits and potions that align with nature and have helped myself and those close to me deal with the Dark Times we are living through. They work, or at least they help us feel like we have some control over things we otherwise do not.

If you are looking for simple, nature infused tools to help you get through the day to day – you’ve found the spot. Simple tools and tricks to self medicate yourself through your difficult job, long commute, or maybe the political and environmental shit storm that makes being a human feel hard these days.

All herbs is grown or harvested by myself (unless stated otherwise), and made into soothing balms, oils and tinctures in very, very small, one off batches.

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