Sick Week


I’ve spent this week both wrapped up in a heavy day-job workload and tied down with a horrible bout of sickness – which means I’ve not seen many pretty things to photograph outside of home or work. Just a lovely sunset, and these really good shot glasses I wish I had more cause to use other than herbal remedies.


Pro tip to defeat the flu: Mix apple cider vinegar, honey and turmeric. Drink 3-4 times throughout the day. I made a big jar full to just work my way through, and am still adding a splash of it to my hot honey and lemon – once you get over the initial sharpness its actually quite delicious!


On the Internet:
| I can’t stop thinking about this slutshaming of an elephant and how absurd it is.
| My dear friend Georgia is a wonderful artist who will sell you an original piece of work, created just for you, for £10. Hit her up. 
| Lovely photographs from a little walk about Bristol. I love these Laura!
| The Yorkshire Ripper on Generation Why (I love these guys).
| Sword & Scale Episode 65 was a good one too.


Watching: I finished The Magicians, which I absolutely and unexpectedly loved. I have a love/hate relationship with the books – the show is really great.
Listening – I spent Saturday listening to this EMO FOREVER playlist whilst blitzing the house.
ReadingThe Magicians, because I want to check in and see if the love/hate relationship has changed at all after watching the show.


Side note: How the HELL is it May already?


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