So, I accidentally went quiet on the internet for an extra month. Went on holiday, relaunched my website, and kept reasonably quiet online about it. It wasn’t intended at all – but sometimes “real life” takes priority and sadly the little online business I’ve been running over here has had to take a back seat while I focus on my day to day life, including a busy full time job (which I really enjoy) and saving my energy to have a life outside of that (not something I’m good at, generally speaking – turns out I’m a workaholic).

Lately, April 2017

Lately, April 2017 Tate Modern

Anyway whatever – I’m back. And if anyone is still out there, I’ve got a bunch of photographs to share with you. A mix of random inbetween moments seen here and there, nice walks I’ve been taking (training for a 4 day hike in Scotland next month, yikes!) and of course loads of 35mm shots that I processed with the help of my Patreon pals before I went away in March.

Lately, April 2017

Lately, April 2017

You may also notice that my website is different! My good friend Sarah helped to build a shiny new platform to share my work with you all on, and I think its pretty nice. Have a look around, let me know what you think!

To make up for being so tardy with my blogging of late, head over to the store and use the code “backinbusiness” at check out to get 10% off your order, all week until April 23rd. Aw yiss!

Lately, April 2017

A little round up:
Reading | The Magician King by Lev Grossman (again)
Watching | The True Cost – kind of eye opening documentary about the effects of fast fashion.
Listening | S Town, Death, Sex & Money (a firm favourite to have on at work)
Trying | I’ve been struggling for a bit to find British seasonal produce in any local stores lately, which is just bonkers. I’m trying out Crop Drop for a month to see how it goes. Why is the broccoli in Waitrose from Kenya? Don’t get me started.

Thats all for now! Your regular blogging schedule will commence henceforth.

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