You guys might remember a while ago that I registered with Patreon, a great website that allows people like me to attract and gather “Patrons” who register and contribute a little bit of cash in exchange for cool rewards as a way of supporting their favourite artists. Oh you don’t remember? THEN LET ME REMIND YOU.

Patreon Supporters help me process film from my stash. Join in today!

How does it work?

I have a lot of films to process. They are all in a nice green box in my fridge. It’s taken me a while to find a decent lab that isn’t a total rip off (luv u forever filmdev) and every month I send off 3 or 4 films from this stash.

This is where you come in. When registering on Patreon, you choose how much you’d like to contribute towards each batch of film’s processing. You’re only charged for the months I actually process films, don’t worry. Then every month, I send out a mailing list to you all with the photographs from that batch (its super fun) as well as a free download of a desktop & pone background for you to enjoy if you like.

Patreon Supporters get some real nice rewards, like good phone backgrounds every month.

They’re real nice.

There are other rewards as well, depending on the amount you are contributing to each batch. Sometimes I just decide to send out prints to everyone because I got a photograph back that I really really like (watch the post this month Patrons!).

Its super easy to register – and you can of course cancel at any time or change your amount when it suits you. You’re very much in the driving seat – I just send you pretty pictures.

Why am I doing this?

The boring, obvious line is “Film processing isn’t cheap, as you all probably know”. To be able to process films as much as I’d like, I need a little bit of help. BUT it’s more than that, to be honest. Having supporters like this holds me accountable. Its so easy to just not bother processing film, to keep them all in the fridge and forget about them. But by having the support of friends and strangers alike I am pushed to send a few films off every single month, process them, and share them with you all. Other people are invested in it. I gotta DO this.

Patreon Supporters Work - I've processed a BUNCH of film in the last year. Sign up today to join in!

And it works – I started with something ridiculous like 30 rolls of B&W film in the fridge, and now I’m down to just 10 or so, which is incredible. Without the help of my Patreon supporters, and knowing that other people were pushing me to do something with all of these, they might have sat there forever.

I really can not stress how much I love my Patreon pals. Their monthly pledges make such a difference, they push me to take and process more photographs and to sit down every month and keep going with this thing. Its pretty incredible.

Feel like joining in? Head over to my Patreon Page and choose the amount you’d like to pledge for each batch. I’ll do the rest!

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