Dark Times Apothecary

Some things to remember when shopping with Dark Times Apothecary:

I am a self-taught student of herbology, still learning every day and working with plants in a way that works for me personally. Before I release anything for sale, I test it for myself, get to know how the product works and share it with friends who I think may benefit to get feedback. Everything listed in the store has been through this process before being released for general sale.

The products sold in the store are meant to help you find some kind of support during difficult and dark times – they are not replacements for real medical treatement and should not be treated as such. Please immunize yourself and your children. Please see your doctor if you have a real medical issue.

Always scroll down to the bottom of every product listing before purchasing to read the full list of ingredients, and always make sure the product you have purchased is right for you before clicking buy. You are always responsible for your own life experience, including what you buy here.

Some of the herbs I have used are not safe for everyone to use. You will always find this highlighted in the lower section of every product listing. I recommend you check in with your own medical story before you try any of our, or any other herbal products.  Always be safe.

If you are ever unsure, please do some research of your own. Everything listed here can be verified online through some light implimentation of your chosen online search tool.  You can always drop me an email as well, if you want to double check something – but always remember I do not know your background, I am not a certified herbalist (yet!) and can not diagnose or treat any medical problems you may have.

I can just offer you some tools I’ve found helpful for certain things, to get us through the day.

And if I spend some time helping you with some herbal shenanighans and what not, maybe return some love. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and working to get to a place where I can offer help, and while I gladly share this knowledge it doesn’t hurt to have the time I’m taking to do so recognised.

You can shout me something via Ko-Fi, or buy something from the store in gratitude.

Rest Balm with Lavender and Hops

Pricing and Shipping Information:

Everything in the store is priced to a sliding scale to make products more available to people of different incomes. Everything defaults to the “normal” price, meaning I make an ideal profit from these and cover all costs. If you are on a lower income, or finding times more difficult I welcome you to choose the Low Income option. This price means I cover costs for each product, and make a small amount extra to cover other costs – but mostly, it means I can offer you something to help you when you need it most.

Those of you who are flourishing have a third option to choose a slightly higher price point if you wish. There is absolutely no pressure to do this, but its there in case you are feeling generous and wish to balance out those who are finding times difficult.

All orders are shipped on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from my home in North London via Royal Mail.

*Note that during Covid Season, things may be delayed a little. You’ll get an email or message checking in when you place your order if it looks like things will ship outside of their normal routine*

I re-use shipping materials in an effort to cut down on waste. Where this is not possible, I will always buy packaging that can be recycled or re-used at your end.

I’m sure there are other important things – for now, visit the store, follow on Instagram and be kind to animals, humans included.