I made something new! And now its in the shop for you all.


A few months ago my good pal Ivy first moved over from New Zealand. She’s a damned good musician and has pretty much been touring all over Europe ever since she got here in May (check her out, go see her play, fall in love) and she needed somewhere safe and stylish to put her Macbook while she embarked on this journey.


So I made her one of these


FLIGHT Laptop Sleeve


Its a pretty basic laptop sleeve, made specifically for her 13inch Macbook.  She really loves it and I loved making it, so I made a few more for the store to try some new things out.


FLIGHT Laptop Sleeve


Fully lined with some weird fabric stuff (really owning my craft today) I found which does a good job at offering light padding – along with the usual black organic cotton and finished with a super chunky YKK zipper. I’ve added a tab along the zipper which protects your Macbook as it slides in and out of the case (no scratchy!) and of course, one of my 35mm photographs (shot on this trip to Edinburgh) and your favourite vegan suedette reverse – which Ivy informed me also works really well as a slip-proof table mat when you are on trains to stop your laptop sliding hither and tither as you try and work in transit. Unexpected bonus!


I love this owl, he’ll probably pop up on some medium clutches in 2016. These are a little bit prototypey so have a couple of tiny minor flaws I have fixed by hand near the zipper – but they are still totally functional and rad.


FLIGHT Laptop Sleeve


There are only 3 of these in the store, and once they are gone they are gone! Get used to this by the way because – spoiler alert! – this is how things will roll around these parts in 2016. More on that later…




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