The Amazing Powell-Cotton Museum

If you ever find yourself in the county of Kent I recommend to you that you make stopping in to the Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex Park a priority. Inside the beautiful house you’ll find a world of taxidermy and weird stuff that an old white dude collected back in the day – you know the…

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Te Uru Gallery, Auckland

Beautiful views, clean lines, nice stairwells at Te Uru Gallery in West Auckland. Not pictured: incredible National Geographic photography exhibition I didn’t expect to have the good fortune to enjoy. West is best y’all! Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery 420 Titirangi Road Titirangi Open 10am – 5pm, daily.

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Hunterian Museum, Glasgow.

GUYS I AM FINALLY SHARING THE REALLY GOOD BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHS I TOOK AT THE HUNTERIAN MUSEUM IN GLASGOW 3 YEARS AGO! I’ve shared photographs from here a bunch though (see more here and here) so they’re nothing terribly new. I think they are my favourite shots I’ve taken of this particular museum though.…

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