The Amazing Powell-Cotton Museum

If you ever find yourself in the county of Kent I recommend to you that you make stopping in to the Powell-Cotton Museum at Quex Park a priority. Inside the beautiful house you’ll find a world of taxidermy and weird stuff that an old white dude collected back in the day – you know the…

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Oxford, 2013

Just a few B&W photographs from a trip to Oxford on a very hot Summer’s day in 2013. My favourite tiny old city to visit, wander about, and notice little things in. Also Hi! I’m back. You might have got the mail out I sent at the beginning of this fine new year – if…

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A Day Out in Oxford

Every Summer I take myself off to Oxford for a day. Sometimes alone, sometimes not, always for some peace and reflection amongst the old things and beautiful streets of a city not so far away from London, that refreshes my imagination and makes me feel like I’m somewhere fantastical. This year I went alone and…

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