|Serial; More to think about.

|National Museum of Nature & Science in Tokyo; Beautiful, clean photographs by Sophie Davies. (Also this good reminder that YOU ARE NOT ALONE)

|Wandering Bears; Good Photographs.

|The Lovers; Beautiful, touching photographs by Lauren Fleishman

|Nasa Earth Observatory; If you liked the Daily Overview post from earlier in the week, you should add this to your reader. This is my favourite picture from this week.

|Zeng Jiayuan; Dream-like photographs to distract you from real life.

|Architectural Abstracts; the colours!

|Hungarian Cash; you guys saw how awesome this is right?

|Amanda Valentine; Famously, I love Project Runway. Amanda is one of my all time favourite contestants. I loved this interview with her… and also that she sometimes faves my tweets.

|This is Actually Happening; I’ve been working my way through this podcast this week.

|NHM Behind the Scenes; If you can’t get to the NHM to go on the Spirit tour, check this out.

|Snoring Hummingbird; will never not be the best thing you have ever seen.

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