Catch Up is back! Here are a few things I’ve been bookmarking and enjoying on the internet over the last few weeks.


| Northern Korean interiors by Oliver Wainwright. (above)


| 7 Things Star Wars Taught us about Productivity, aka 7 lessons I didn’t realise I was already living that I learned from Star Wars.


| Farewell to Kodachrome “The project is partly about taking pictures for their own sake, enjoying the moment, the click of the shutter and the challenge of finding the best vantage point, coupled with a limited supply of film.” 


|  The Memory Palace has quickly become one of my favourite podcasts of late. This recent episode was a particular favourite.


| “Could they just go crazy because they have had enough of their colony” I think about this penguin. A lot.


| I mean I was all about JTT in the 90s, but have to agree that my love for Tommy Solomon is for life.


| I took away a lot from this post about using hashtags effectively on Instagram, thanks Meighan!


| Oh man, Where the Statues of Paris went to Die. Too much.


| I feel a satisfying sense of calm when I look at these collages and think about cutting things out and sorting them by colour.


| The forgotten housing estates of Paris have moved HIGH up my list of places to visit in 2016. And not just because they filmed the Hunger Games there I PROMISE.


| Which leads me to this cover of THE PROMISE (one of my all time favourite songs) by Sturgill Simpson, which I discovered whilst watching Season 2 of The Leftovers.


| I’m not sick of seeing these vintage Star Wars photographs popping up all over the place, they are wonderous.


| The Faroe Islands seem to be fast becoming the Iceland of 2016 and I want to visit immediately.


Beautiful, vibrant landscapes.


| On turning 30 and falling out of love with romantic comedies. So much of this article resonated with me that I was sitting in an empty office at work reading it shouting YES! THANK YOU!


| What really happens when a small business gets noticed by a huge retailer. I found this really interesting to read, as a small business person.


| Deserted London on Christmas day, why aren’t you every day.


| How melting ice is changing Greenland’s way of life – there are a lot of articles floating around about this recently, and I find each one incredibly interesting.


| I think this blog post might be the reason why I decided to do Dry January this year. Also I read Refinery29 a lot apparently. Also I really want a glass of wine.


| Here are some beautiful images of Namibia, the landscapes and animals that live in them.


| All of these Star Wars flags are better than the one New Zealand voted for.


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