Dusting Things Off

Hey Guys, its been a while. I spent the Summer dehydrating on the Heath, not even thinking about photography. It was a bit of a relief to be honest, I didn’t once think about the internet, expectations, all that stuff we are programmed to think about these days. It was bloody lovely. I didn’t even…

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Shop Talk | Clearing Out

Dudes. Lets be real. This is a long time coming and something I’ve thought about for a while – I need to clear out the shop for very very reduced prices to make way for – I’m not sure what but I need to shut this down. I opened this shop almost 5 years ago…

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Making Art | Selling Paintings

Hello, greetings. I wanted to let you all know that I have not been sitting at my computer posting photographs very much because I have been sitting at my paintings table drawing and painting snakes a lot these past few weeks. I like to paint snakes because I find it soothing. It puts my brain…

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Seattle, 2017

I went to Seattle for like 36 hours last year and took some photographs whilst we wandered about the markets – And the city – And the ferry boats – And a brewery. I just realised that this was probably my last trip to Seattle of all time. It’s been wild, SEA. Thanks for turning…

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