Here is what I’ve been listening to in the studio so far this (and in fact, every) Autumn.


autumn sounds


The Antlers – Hospice | This record will always remind me of the Autumn/Winter I spent living in Hounslow, sitting on buses in the rain. I crack it out every year as the seasons turn, and its always perfect.


Red Kite – Songs for Crow | A newer favourite, on repeat.


The Cooper Temple Clause – See This Through and Leave | Because Team Cooper for life but especially in Autumn.


Sufjan Stevens – Michigan | I have to admit that until this year Michigan was the only Sufjan Stevens album I had really been into (his new record is A+++) and I very specifically only listen to this record in late Autumn, when the leaves have almost all gone and its properly cold and miserable and everything is perfect.


autumn sounds


Also obviously because its the spooky season, we’ve had Dead Man’s Bones on constantly since the calendar swung Octoberly. Best of times! BEST OF TIMES!


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